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Exit Strategy and Valuation Services

Valuing Now, Looking Forward to What’s Next

“Begin with the End in Mind” — it’s the second habit of Dr. Stephen Covey’s time-tested bestseller, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. It’s also our approach to helping you navigate your exit strategy.

Whether you are in a legal battle, doing exit or estate planning, thinking about partnership agreements or selling your business, we deploy a proven methodology to help you make more informed decisions, as opposed to merely hoping your valuation is on target.

What we do:

  • Enhance the value of your business.
  • Provide accounting, business planning, and CFO services.
  • Explore all the exit options & tax scenarios.
  • Build processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Ready the business for change.
  • Create reliable, accurate financial statements.
  • Plan the transition.
  • Align your workforce with your goals.
  • Manage the M&A selling process and documentation.

If you need a trusted partner — someone with the experience, grit and grace to help you manage transitions and avoid costly pitfalls — we can help.

Contact us to receive a free, personalized quote.

Being an expert in providing opinions of value does not come without both experience and a solid understanding of business.

We hold an accreditation from the AICPA to provide professional valuation services.  This allows us to provide written valuation reports that express an expert opinion of value, which we can and will testify to in open court.

Whether you are in a legal battle, doing exit/estate planning, thinking about partnership agreements or selling your business, our exit strategy and valuation services can help you make better-informed decisions as opposed to merely hoping your valuation estimate is on target.

AICPA Credo CFPs and CPAs

Find Out How CREDO Can Exceed Your Expectations.